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Announcements - effective from Monday 6th April 2015

We thank you for continuously giving us the opportunity to look after your child(ren). We hope we are offering the quality childcare service for your child(ren) that you would expect, and you are satisfied with our service. If so we request you (if you have not already) to kindly leave your comments about our service, we would really appreciate your warm and kind views.

If you wish to give your views about our website(only) then please enter your views in our guest book.

However if you wish to give us feedback or disapprove of our service then please send us an e-mail instead.

Important updates and news for our existing customers

Changes not being made

After carefully considering all factors and the current economic situation we are pleased to inform all our existing customers that we have decided;

Care Cost

NOT to increase the care cost (existing customers only).

Pick-up and Drop-off Charges

NOT to increase the charges (existing customers only).

Changes being made

We are continually trying very hard and endeavour to seek better ways to improve our service. But at times to keep up our standards we are faced with circumstances to which we need to adapt so that we can remain competitive and afloat. Hence changes in some areas have to be made and certain costs added and increased.

Care Cost

We are making a slight increase in the hourly rate of our care cost to all new customers as per the pricing table.
This will NOT effect our existing customer (all existing customer will continue to be charged at the current rate as per their contract).
However the new care cost will only effect YOU if;

Pick-up and Drop-off Charges

We are also making a change in our pick-up and drop-off charges to all new customers as per the pricing table.
This will NOT effect our existing customer (all existing customer will continue to be charged at the current rate as per their contract).
However the new pick-up and drop-off charges (providing you use this service) will only effect you if;



We still getting an increase in late payments. Payment is due every Monday against the invoice which is emailed promptly every Sunday evening for the care that was provided in the previous week (Monday to Sunday).
Late fee penalty charge will immediently be added to the invoice if payment is NOT made on the due day.


Notice to Cancel Period

Scheduled School/Club or Home Pickup

We are still having problem with some parents not informing us in time that they do not require school/club or home pickup for their child though being contracted or scheduled. We turn up to pick-up the child to find that the child has already been picked up or pick-up was not required;

Additional/Extra Care Hours

Still in many cases once the care hours and days are set in the contract. Parents on short notice inform for additional care day/hour and in many cases start coming later than the agreed pickup time contracted with us. We try our best to accommodate all requests and still continue care even if the parent is late. We understand that in some cases this is inevitable and we don't mind and accommodate without saying. But do note that;

Double rate will NOT apply if you have scheduled/informed us in advance that your child will be in our care during any school mid and/or end term break, inset and/or teacher training day, festival day off at school, national and/or bank holiday or in case of emergency and unforeseen circumstances etc. The charge for the care hours will be as normal (not double).

Holiday Care

A lot of parents have been asking about this so we have decided to offer this to all our existing customers. All children currently in our (before / after school) care will benefit by automatically being placed on the sliding scale and with each additional hour the hourly care rate will keep decreasing only during mid-term, end-term, summer and winter holiday breaks.

Improvements Done and Planned

Improvements Done

Improvement Reason Benefit
Got a notice board Plan to show children activities and there display their work Encourages other children to join in and existing children to get praised and improves their confidence
Kid's Corner Kitchen Unit Wanted to create a activity corner for the children Has improved children social and communication skills. Also improved their behaviour in cooperation and sharing
Kid’s Easel Help children in their illiteracy skills Got the children playing words and letter games. This is helping their literacy skills and improving their social and communications between each other

Improvements Planned

Improvement Reason Benefit

Effective Due date

These changes will take effect from Monday 6th April 2015. We understand that, not all parents may be pleased with our changes. We would be saddened, but will understand if you may wish to remove your child from our care. If you wish to do so, then please let us know latest by Sunday 8th March 2015 , so that the four weeks notice period may start from Monday 9th March amd run until Sunday 5th April 2015 before the changes take effect.

We look forward if you continue using our service and give us the extended opportunity to care for your child, in which case these changes which apply to you as mentioned above from Monday 6th April 2015 and will become part of the contract between us and you.

Thank You

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