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We ensure that the children are involved in different activities which are spread during the day and over the week. Activities are different to the children's age group. For younger children the activities are more play orientated, while older and school going children the activities are more academic

The different type of activities that we offer are;

Below is a sample of a days routine showing the different kinds of activities that the children may be doing. This routine may be subject to change, a mixture or combination of different activities shown or may not be exactly the same for any particular day

Some of these activities and routines may not apply to your child. These timings are only an approximation
Time Activity or routine
7.30 am Arrival of children
8.00 am Breakfast
Breakfast may start early for some children
8.45 am Set off on journey to school
8.45 am Morning play activities starts for non-school going children
10.00 am Snack time
10.45 am Outdoor play
12.00 pm Lunch time
1.00 pm Nap time and quiet activities
2.30 pm Play activities
3.00 pm Set off on journey to collect from nursery/school
3.50 pm School going children arrive back from nursery/school
4.00 pm Snack time
4.45 pm Afternoon outdoor activities for non school children
4.45 pm Time for homework for school going children
5.45 pm Start to tidy toys away and visit the toilet in time to go home
6.00 pm Parents start to arrive to collect children
6.00 pm Remaining children watch Children TV Channel
7.00 pm Dinner time
7.30 pm Last Parents arrive to collect remaining children

Evening snack may be given to the child whose parent are late in picking up

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