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It is a great pleasure that you are about to consider us as your child's childminder. Childminders are one of the most used childcare services by parents. Most parents feel more comfortable that their child is in a home-based environment and amongst a small group of children.

Being parents ourselves to three children who are now all grown up and independent. We not only have the professional qualification and training but also a parents understanding and instinct to care for your child. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service

To register your child with us you need to follow the instructions below

  1. First fill our 'Registration Form'. You can either;
    1. Fill the 'Registration Form' online (Recommended),
      The 'Registration Form' is an electronic form in PDF format, being 2MB in size it may take a few seconds to load up. Once filled, submit via your email client. You need Adobe Reader to view and fill the form
    2. or Download the 'Form',
      Note: The download attribute may not supported in Edge version 12, IE, Safari 10 (and earlier), or Opera version 12 (and earlier).
      The 'Form' is in a PDF format. You need Adobe Reader to view the form
    3. or You can request the 'Registration Form' by email,
    4. or You can collect the 'Registration Form' by hand.
  2. If printing the form, to save paper, print on both sides. You can view the instructions on how to do this here
  3. Once you have got the 'Registration Form', please ensure that you fill the form completely and give us as much information as possible
  4. Please fill with CAPITAL letters and use black ink only
  5. Please make sure that you are clear with our terms and conditions
  6. Please make sure that you sign the form
  7. Once you have completed the form, please ring us on 01375 411741 to arrange a visit. This will give you the opportunity to meet us and ask questions to clarify any queries you may have

Contact us today! or register your child with us.

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