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Our fees are not only reasonable and competitive for like for like service but are calculated to match your exact requirement so that you are not charged for unnecessary and unneeded services. If there is a slight difference rest assure we will beat them in the quality of service we provide. Tell us your requirement by sending us an email or by calling us and get an exact free quote.

Our hourly rate is on a sliding scale, meaning that; the hourly rate will decrease as your contracted regular weekly hours increase.
Our prices include all meals(home cooked), snacks, fruit, milk and juices.
If pick-ups and/or drop-offs is also needed from home / school / nursery / club / gym / class etc; then an additional charge extra is added separately.
We have special rates for 24 hour care which apply for 4 days and above.
Overtime or extra time is charged at same rate.

Homework Service

We can provide supervision and even help with homework for each child for each day, e.g.;
If your child only gets homework once a week then we will only charge for one day. In some cases homework may take more than one day to complete or it may be a burden to the child to do the entire homework in one day and carry's over to the next day, then we will charge for two days. If your child did not get homework then we would not charge for that day

Meals and Snacks

* IMPORTANT: (in-house care)
All meals, snacks and drinks are fully inclusive in the price. Meals, snacks and drinks are offered all during the day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, supper will be offered to the child if within our care at meal time. Majority of the meals, snacks and drinks are prepared and cooked at home. As a rule we do not cook pork or any form of it or buy any products which may be a by-product of it. Same food / meals prepared for babies but is mashed . Milk provided is full fat standard fresh milk. Off the shelf baby food and milk is not included in the price. If your child is on special diet then you need to provide your own food.

Nappies and Wipes

For Babies and Toddlers:
Nappies, wipes, powder and creams are NOT inclusive in the price (parents need to provide). Nappies are changed at regular intervals all during the day or night when in our care.
Please check that your child has a clean/fresh nappy before you drop your child with us.

Help Towards Care Cost

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We DO NOT offer discount of any of kind to siblings or if you register more than one child into our care.

Absent, Sick or Day off

If your child is sick or you have another appointment or you have taken a day off or for any other reason your child does not come on the contracted days, we will charge 50% of the normal fee for the contracted hours for that day or days, e.g.;
if you have contracted that your child be looked after for 8 hours per day for 5 days and your child does come for one of the contracted day. We will only charge 50% of the contracted fee for that one day

Retainer Fee

If you decide to take an annual holiday and do not require using our service then we will charge a retainer fee to reserve a place for future use by your child. The retainer fee is 50% of the normal fee and is paid on the same basis (weekly/monthly) as the service to be provided

Cancel Care

If you decide to cancel or remove your child from our care, we would require a 4-week's notice

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