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Flexible Care

Care Offered

If you require childcare at irregular intervals or at short-notice and you do not want to be bogged down with a fixed weekly contract, but rather have a flexible arrangement which enables you to phone right up to the night or morning before you actually need care. With this care you can make a booking as-and-when you require.

This type of care may also suit especially those parents who are required to work a fix number of hours per week but the days/hours are totally erratic and may keep changing constantly every week or even every day,
e.g., people who are on rota/swift work or doing temporary work or cover work.

Whatever time of day or night your child is here he/she will always be made to feel at home and enjoy being included with everyone and everything that is going on.

Care Timings

Any time, any day and when ever, No fix hours, No fix contract, No retainer, No notice period, Just pay as you go.

IMPORTANT: As this is not a permanent space, you need to ring us every time before you need the care. We may not be able to offer care for the day or night if space is not available or we are engaged with any other prior engagement, also with this care we do pass details to HMRC if you wish to claim child care tax credit, child care benefit, childcare grant or any other financial benefit. Do note that no discount is given with this care for siblings.

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We will need you to complete our free registration process. Once done you benefit by not being fixed to any contracted hours and are excluded from any retainer or any notice period payment. Its just as PAY AS YOU GO. You can call us anytime and any day and provided we have space or not engaged with any other prior engagement we can offer care for your child.

With this care you must give us as much notice as possible either by phone, text or email before bringing your child, so we can make necessary arrangement for meals/snacks and schedule staff. we cannot guarantee a space nor do we give out our details if you wish to to claim child care tax credit, child care benefit, childcare grant or any other financial benefit. You cannot select flexible care if you need regular weekly care days or hours and you cannot select or combine flexible care with any other care. We cannot offer care if the registration form is not fully completed, signed and returned before the start date.

Pick-up/Drop-off Service

We can offer a pick up, drop off or both service. If your pick-up/drop-off point is beyond our coverage area, we may still be able to pick up, drop off or both but will charge extra.

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