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Special Diet

We can offer a diet which is custom to the child needs as advised by the parents. As there may be a need of selective eating by the child we can try to cook the food and make minor adaptations to the existing menu.

If there is a product which is not part of our regular purchase, we would ask the parent to provide it. If the preparation of such meals is difficult or expensive we may ask the parent to provide the prepared meal or we may charge extra for it if we have to prepare it ourselves

Sample of a special diet cannot be shown as it differs from child to child

Meals Food
Breakfast -
Morning break
After school

* IMPORTANT: As a rule we do not cook pork or any form of it or buy any products which may be a by-product of it. Food / Meals prepared is mashed for babies. Milk provided is full fat standard fresh milk. Off the shelf baby food and milk is not included in the price. If your child is on special diet then you need to provide your own food.

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